With Horsing, create a personalized audio training session in 5 to 10 minutes! Simple and easy to use, Horsing helps you create personalized training sessions that allow you to better structure rides with your horse.


1. Choose the title, the objectives and the number of working periods

Coaches, want your student to work on specific tasks until your next lesson? Riders, want to work on an exercise you saw on YouTube or in a magazine? Whatever the case may be, start a new training session by giving it a title and assigning an objective.

To ensure that the training is easily traceable in your work plan, it is important to choose a clear title so that you can find it to reuse at a later date (in the example: 10-metre circles).

Since every horse/rider partnership is different, insert a description of the goal you would like to achieve during this training or some notes that will help you remember specific information.

By default, the app provides 3 timed periods (warm-up, work and stretching), however you can add more work periods.




2. Record the instructions for every training period

What you record as instructions for each timed period is what the rider will hear when he/she is riding.


  • horsing-creation-audio-horse-trainings-dressage-jumper– Audio instructions

The instructions that you have recorded will be played before a timed period starts and during rest periods imposed by the app. Keep it short and precise. The goal of these instructions is to remind the rider of what you want him/her to accomplish during this period, not provide a complete lesson! This tip is also good for riders who want to create their own personalized session. The recorded instructions should not be longer than 2 to 3 minutes each.


  • – Timed period

Each horse is unique! To cater to all horses out there and refrain from overworking them, coaches and riders have the option of determining the time needed for each period. Once on your horse, an alert will tell you when the timed period starts right after the instructions. Two minutes before the end of the timed period, another alert will inform you that there are only two minutes remaining. This will be repeated at one minute and again at five seconds to give you enough time to finish on a positive note with your horse.


  • – Vocal reminders

“Watch your inside hand”, “Look in front of you”. For each timed period, there is the option of recording two short audio reminders (max. 5 seconds) to help riders be more aware of certain elements during their session. You can also choose how often they will be heard (30, 60, 90 seconds) and they will be played alternately during the timed period.


horsing-audio-horse-trainings-dressage-jumper-cardio3. Save and send!

Once you are satisfied with your recordings, just save the session (Wi-Fi not needed) and send the training session to the rider of your choice. Whether you are a coach or a rider, this step is essential because it is the moment when the application puts all the pieces together to create a personalized training session.

Note: You will not need a mobile network to create a training session, but you will to send it!

4. Let’s ride!

Now that the session is recorded and sent, the rider just needs to put on headphones (we recommend Bone Conducting Headphones for safety purposes), hop on his/her horse, start the app, choose the work session and press Play!

Note: If you do not have access to a mobile network at your stable, be sure to download the training session beforehand.


Progress well!


The Horsing team