No money, no talent. A year ago, this sentence didn’t make a lot of sense, but today, it does, a lot. Having an idea is great, to develop it is another thing completely. Especially when you are talking about a mobile app to help in real time amateurs horseback riders structure their objectives with their horses. The challenge is real, it’s a huge investment in time and ressources. That’s why we need you today: to make sure you can have this app in your phones by summer 2017.


1. Develop the app “code”

In January 2016, I came home (and the head office of the digital content creation adgency that my husband and I started) with the crazy idea of developing a mobile app that would allow horseback riders, like myself, to focus on their position or to some details in order to complete an exercise. How? By enabling coaches to create and send to their students personalized audio training sessions. We told ourselves it would be easy, it shouldn’t be this complicated! So we started working like crazy: surveys with horseback riders to validate the problematic, meetings with coaches from all disciplines to make sure if they thought that was a good idea (a bit stressful), deep analysis of the competition, business plan creation and more. We got every green lights we wish we would, so two friends, also from the ad world joined us in June 2016! More than 1000 hours of work during the weekends and at night later, the branding, the personalized audio training creation mechanism and the prototypes were ready. But we were missing coding! In other words, Horsing doesn’t exist yet because we are not developers (you know these genius persons who can write code and algorythms)! This is a bit troublesome when you’re trying to build a mobile app…

2. Advertise HORSING to the coaches and their students

In our seperate professional lives, we are used to cater to our clients needs. We build creative storytelling to help sell their products. We have teams that help us create or develop what is needed to promote their products to their specific audiences. We are paid to do this, which help us pay for our day to day exepenses like houses, kindergarden, electricity bill and, most importantly to pay for our horse’s boarding (wich is not a small amount, as we all know).

The challenge with HORSING will be the adoption rate with coaches and riders. This means that our team will have to go meet them where they are: at the stables. We foresee thousands of hours in cars. I think you’re beginning to understand my point! To pay for all these bills while meeting with as much coaches and riders as possible, we will need your help!

3. Testing the first version of the app with horseback riders and coaches

Before we can do that, we will need to optimize and test the app with riders and coaches. Since horseback riding is the only individual sport that needs two living being (remember #twohearts). In order to make sure that HORSING is as easy to use, fast and efficient, we will need to optimize the app until we are sure we have the best version before releasing it world wide. Simplicity is always the hardest thing to find, so we think that this part of the work will take a lot of time.

Today, we need you to make sure this project comes to life. More than a mobile app, this product is a great opportunity for us to bring together our professional expertise and our passion: the horses. This project is lodged in our hearts, unfortunately we can’t do it alone. We need you. We also need you to allow thousands of riders to move forward with their trainings. In a strcuture manner while being respectful of their horses. This is what matter the most to us: make sure we keep the horses happy while the training and having the best from these extraordinary generous beings.

Thank you for reading this far. We hope to count on your support February 15th on Kickstarter!

From all our hearts,

Christine and the Horsing team