Every time we talk about the Horsing app idea with someone, the same question always comes up: “OK, what will I hear while I’m on my horse listening to the audio training my coach sent me?” This is a great question because nobody has tried to do what Horsing is offering: creating personalized audio training that horseback riders can follow to stay focused on their training goals.




First of all, it’s important to know that Horsing is a tool with which you can build and send personalized audio training, it’s not an app that sells pre-recorded audio sessions made by famous trainers or riders (e-trainings, audio trainings, podcasts, etc.)! Why? Because we believe that general audio lessons can’t help all riders the same way because every horse/rider team is different and their needs are all unique. What works for one team, might not work for the next. This is not because the rider isn’t able to use general aids, but because in order to accomplish an exercise or a movement, the rider needs to work on specific things with their horse.

This also goes for riders that try to recreate what they’ve seen online, such as on Youtube. What we have learned (through surveys) is that once a rider tries to warm-up as Charlotte Dujardins does, 50% of the time they are unable to achieve it because Charlotte isn’t there to tell them how to do it with THEIR horse and THEIR riding abilities. Rome wasn’t build in a day and Charlotte would most likely agree!

We’ve seem to have gone off on a bit of a tangent… What will you hear while you ride with Horsing?

1. Your coach’s instructions

The first thing you will hear when you start a working session are recorded instructions from your coach for the warm-up period. These instructions should not be more than 2 or 3 minutes. Take this time to pick up your reins, listen to refresh your memory, because afterward the warm up it’s time to perfom!

Don’t forget, the goals of these recordings are to practice something your coach already worked on with you, not to give you a new lesson!

2. A sound signal tells you when the timer starts, followed by silence

Once the instructions are over, a signal will tell you that the warm-up period has begun (the lenght of the warm-up is determined by the person that created the training). Then silence sets in. You now have everything fresh in your mind to accomplish your task.

Make sure you don’t stray away from the specific instructions for this exercise. Your coach would have recorded for you to pracitce this exercise for a specific reason.

3. Two vocal reminders of 5 seconds that will be played alternately until the end of the period

Keep your horse active during the transitions“, “Keep your back straight, move your hands forward“. These are examples of two vocal reminders that your coach could have recorded for you to help correct your recurring mistakes or remind you of something important to do in order to acheive the goals set during this period of the training.

4. Sound signals at 2 minutes, 1 minute and 5 sconds before the end ot the timed period

In order to let you finish on a positive note and to give the necessary rest time to your horse, the app will remind you 2 minutes before the end of the timed period. For example, if your coach set a 15 minutes warm-up, 13 minutes later the app will warn you by saying: “Two minutes before the end of the timed period.” You will get another notification when one minute remains and then a 5 seconds countdown for the end of the period.

Note: If you are experiencing problems or difficulties with your horse at any point, you can always push PAUSE. Alternatively, if you think that everything is going well and you don’t need all the time your coach set, you can always FAST FORWARD.

5. A rest time is imposed by the application to listen to instructions for the next part of the training

By default, Horsing has a rest time of 3 minutes. In order to take advantage of this time while your horse rests, you will listen to the instructions for the next timed period at the same time. If the instructions are longer than 3 minutes, the rest time will be longer, but it will never be shorter. When the instructions are over you will hear the sound signal that indicates this new part of the training has begun.

6. And so on for every period of the training

We hope this blog post helped you understand Horsing! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at hello@horsing-app.com or send us a private message on Facebook